Corporate Coaching

Leadership Development

“Organisations learn only through individuals who learn.”

Peter Senge MIT 

Studies indicate that the benefits of coaching match business’ urgent need for developing leaders of the future, as demands on them continue to change as a result of digital disruption, regulatory changes, meeting customer expectations and skills shortages.

To help bridge the gap, I provide 1-on-1 coaching to key leaders in Operations and Contact Centre Management.  As my programmes are bespoke, I design a plan for each leader based on their individual needs and/or the organisational requirements.  I support managers with their personal development to perform at a higher level, by raising their self-awareness and identifying obstacles that may prevent them from reaching their full potential.  Clarifying business goals and helping them develop the steps to achieve those goals, is another invaluable intervention to contact centre leaders.  

Benefits of Leadership Development Coaching
  • Develop independent free-thinking leaders
  • Streamlined operational approach 
  • Aligning of individual, team and organisational objectives 
  • Improved engagement 
  • Increase in confidence to make decisions and influence
  • Removal of unhelpful assumptions that hinders individual growth
  • Raising self-awareness that leads to self-correcting and coaching
  • Attracting and retaining key employees
  • Support to develop appropriate action and behaviour when faced with workplace challenges 
How does Leadership Development Coaching work?

I work with the leader in a confidential setting helping them to identify an aspiration or objective and then facilitate an extensive reality check which lays the foundation for brain storming creative options for the way forward.  With ideas refined into actions, interference identified and obstacles negotiated, time frames are established.  This process is the key to holding individuals accountable for their progress.  To enhance the effectiveness of the programme, the leader will complete a DISC Leadership profiling assessment to identify their most natural style and strengths so that they can shape their roles and those of their teams accordingly.  Areas of lower natural strength will be unpacked in subsequent sessions to help them ‘raise their game’.  

Session frequency depends on the individual or organisation’s unique needs, but can be anywhere from weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  Session duration depends on frequency as well the organisation’s unique needs, but are typically between 60 – 90 minutes. A minimum of 6 sessions is recommended, as the most powerful changes are experienced over a 90 – 180 day period. Where appropriate high-level feedback will be provided to the line manager, without breaching confidentiality.

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