DISC Profiling

William M. Marston (1893 – 1947), creator of the DISC model, has an interesting life story filled with great achievements.  He invented the first functional lie detector polygraph, authored self-help and entertainment books and created the Wonder Woman comic.

DISC profiling is used globally by individuals, schools, governments and businesses to take the guesswork out of relationships, understanding team dynamics and managing people.  

Awareness of your own personality or leadership style, as well as knowing the styles of the people in your sphere of influence, can give you the insight you need to enrich your interpersonal relationships.  DISC is a simple but powerful model that groups four basic behavioural styles:


Decision Makers, Risk Takers, Competitive


Enthusiastic Influencers, Trusting, Optimistic


Supportive Team Players, Security, Steady


Analytical Fact-finders, Systematic, Thorough

People that share similar styles tend to behave according to the characteristics native to that style.

As an Accredited DISC Practitioner, I will deliver a proven learning experience that will have immediate and ongoing impact on you as an individual, a leader or your wider team.

Profiling assessments available:
  1. Personality Style: Discover your personality style to know yourself better and improve self-motivation. This exercise will also help you to gain an understanding of the styles of others, enhance your communication and strengthen your relationships. 
  2. Leadership Style: Develop the talents of leaders found at every level of an organisation by raising self-awareness.  Personal insights enable leaders to choose alternative ways of thinking and acting in areas of responsibility and in turn improve effectiveness.
  3. Group Dynamics:  This team-building tool is a powerful add on assessment, used to highlight and develop the individual talent that already exists in a team.  There are benefits in understanding yourself and those that are part of the team culture:
  • Creating a cohesive working environment 
  • Maximize effectiveness by capitalising on the strengths of all team members
  • Improve team performance and decrease behaviour-based performance issues 
  • Instil a true sense of belonging amongst co-workers
  • Improve communication with clients and other stakeholders 

DISC assessments can be purchased individually or as part of the Personal or Leadership Development Programmes.

Individual DISC profiling sessions include:
  1. On-line Personality or Leadership Assessment.
  2. A detailed, electronic report containing analysis of your preferred style.
  3. 90-min coaching session to unpack your profile results, raise your awareness around your areas of strength and identify opportunities for personal development.

Ready to get to know yourself and others better?


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